West Bengal Upcoming H.S Exam question paper is changing: Find out how the new question will look like

The format of the higher secondary examination question paper is undergoing a transformation. Henceforth, students will be required to take the exam in a new pattern. The board is placing a strong emphasis on MCQs and multiple choice based questions for the higher secondary level. Consequently, the number of MCQ questions in the question paper is also on the rise. As per reliable sources, the higher secondary curriculum will now be divided into two parts, with students being assessed in two semesters. Instead of a single comprehensive exam, two separate exams will be administered starting from the upcoming academic year.

A new education policy has been approved in West Bengal Bord, resulting in several changes to the state’s education system. According to the Education Department, students in the 11th and 12th grades will now undergo two assessments. However, the assessment of class XI will not be considered for class XII. The main examination for class XII will be divided into two semesters annually. The first semester will consist of fifty percent multiple choice questions, while the second semester will comprise a combination of minor and major questions.

Students who are accepted into Class XI in 2024 will be subject to this new system. The initial semester is scheduled to commence in November 2025. Under this method, students will be required to attend the examination center on two occasions. The first semester examination will be conducted using an OMR sheet. Additionally, it has been reported that the theory test will be divided into two semesters, while the practical test will only be administered once. However, the complete details regarding this matter have not yet been officially announced. Candidates can expect to receive comprehensive information regarding this in the near future.

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