West Bengal Secondary Exam Syllabus Changed: students will take the exam on the new syllabus

West Bengal Secondary Exam Syllabus 2024: The secondary examination syllabus is set to undergo a significant change, as the state school education department has taken steps to implement the plan.

A new syllabus committee has been formed to prepare the updated syllabus, with subject-wise mentors appointed from reputed colleges. The committee has undergone several changes, including the appointment of Professor Udayan Banerjee as the new chairman. While students will take the exam in the old syllabus next year, the new syllabus will be effective from 2024 onwards.

The education department has already begun preparations for the new syllabus, with arrangements made to complete the work quickly. The state is also set to make several important reforms in the new syllabus of Madhyamik, which is expected to be much richer in content. Detailed information will be provided to students by the education department once the work is completed.

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