Internship is now mandatory in the West Bengal colleges: New initiative for students to get job easily

A new undergraduate program spanning four years has been introduced in West Bengal. Colleges are currently imparting education in accordance with the new education policy. The inclusion of a mandatory ‘internship’ in this novel graduate course was announced. Initially, the university authorities did not take any measures in response to this, but this time they were greatly affected. Guidelines have been released regarding the ‘Summer Internship’ for students. Subsequently, colleges commenced preparations one after another following the issuance of these guidelines.

Several colleges under Calcutta University have started taking measures to provide ‘summer internship’ opportunities to students. Expert committees are being formed in several colleges. For example, Ashutosh College. This committee will coordinate with the concerned circles for ‘Summer Internship’. College Career Counseling is being revamped to make the internship program more mature. New Alipore College Authority is playing a leading role in this regard. Calcutta University has given a total of three credit points for this summer internship. Which is very important for college students.

The advantages of this summer internship should be considered. Experts suggest that having an internship experience at the college level can greatly benefit students in their future careers. Additionally, students can acquire knowledge in a variety of subjects. Numerous multinational companies recruit employees through internships. New graduate course students will gain a comprehensive understanding of internships at the college level. College committees will reach out to multiple organizations to facilitate summer internships for students. Overall, this innovative system is expected to create numerous opportunities for students.

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